Fighter returning from Syria demands 100,000 Euros from Belgium
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    Fighter returning from Syria demands 100,000 Euros from Belgium

    On his return from Syria, Hakim Elouassaki is suing the Belgium state for 100,000 Euros in damages, according to dailies De Staandaard and Het Nieuwsblad on Friday. The 23-year-old man suffered shrapnel injuries to his head in Syria. He returned to Belgium in a serious condition in April 2014 and remains partially paralysed. Mr. Elouassaki was supposed to appear at the centre of the Sharia4Belgium trials last year but the president required him to be first kept for observation in order to determine his mental state.

    Judicial psychiatric experts have explained that such analysis would only be possible in a specialised institution, but despite a law voted in 1964, no such facility was ever set up in Belgium. Mr. Elouassaki’s attorney has thus filed a complaint against the Belgium State.

    “We are asking for 100,000 Euros in moral damages and 2,500 Euros in compensation for each day Belgium is in breach of the law by defaulting on the implementation of an observation facility. It is unthinkable that there is nobody to evaluate the mental state of my client,” he declared.

    Lars Andersen (Source: Belga)