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    Hunger strike after a suicide at the Vottem detention centre

    A hunger strike started at the Vottem detention centre on Saturday, after an inmate committed suicide in the shower there, says the Collective for Resistance to the Foreigner’s Centres (CRACPE).
    A Congolese refugee committed suicide in the showers at the Vottem detention centre on Saturday afternoon. “They were going to try and deport him a second time on Sunday”, says the CRACPE.

    “The other inmates at the centre are in shock, and have started a hunger strike. This tragic event has shown how inhuman it is to deport someone who has fled their country, never with happiness in their heart, but to flee persecution, war, social insecurity, etc, or to join loved ones here in Belgium”.

    The Collective was at the centre on Sunday, from around 4pm, in tribute to the deceased and in support of the others.

    Jason Bennett (Source: Belga)