The child was strangled and had his throat cut by his mother
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    The child was strangled and had his throat cut by his mother


    The child found dead in Schaerbeek on Sunday morning on the corner of rue Van Hammée and avenue Paul Deschanel was strangled and had his throat cut by his mother. He was killed at around 4am on Saturday, the Brussels Prosecutor’s office told the Belga agency. The mother confessed when questioned by police.

    Police first contacted the family, made up of a 37 year old mother and her two sons aged 11 and 8, early on Saturday. They were at their home in rue Van Hove, in Schaerbeek. But they didn’t notice anything strange.

    At around 4am that night, the mother, who suffers from psychological problems, had a breakdown and attacked her younger son, aged 8. The mother strangled the child and cut his throat. She then transported the body in a suitcase, and dumped it in a park near her home, between rue Van Hammée and avenue Paul Deschanel.

    The landlord of the property called in on Saturday, and noticed the boy wasn’t there. He immediately contacted police.

    The mother was questioned by police over Saturday night and Sunday. She confessed, and told them where the child’s body was. She said the crime was due to a breakdown.

    The older son, aged 11, was looked after by a youth judge.

    The children’s father left for Syria a few years ago, the Prosecutor’s office said.

    A medical examiner, an investigative judge and a team of firefighters went to Schaerbeek on Sunday. They went to where the child’s body had been found earlier that morning, the Belga agency said.

    Sarah Johansson (Source: Belga)