Murder of a security agent at Froidchapelle: no terrorist involvement
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    Murder of a security agent at Froidchapelle: no terrorist involvement

    A security agent was found shot dead in his home in Froidechapelle on Thursday evening. The victim worked as a patroller at the Radios-Elements Institute in Fleurus. Contrary to what was reported by some papers, his security badge was not stolen. Any terrorist involvement was officially denied by the Charleroi Prosecutor’s office.

    Didier Prospero, a security agent for the G4S group, was found dead. He had been shot dead in the bathroom of his house in Froidechapelle. His dog was also killed. His three children found his body when they got home from school. The Charleroi Prosecutor’s office went to the scene on Thursday evening, followed by the forensics laboratory and medical examiner.

    Some papers said a security badge giving access to the nuclear plant was stolen. This was denied by the Charleroi Prosecutor’s office, who said no badge had been stolen. Didier Prospero was a patroller for G4S, and was working at the Radios-Element Institute in Fleurus. Any terrorist involvement was ruled out.

    The Homicide division of the Federal judicial police is still handling the case. The investigating judge specialised in terrorism cases was not requested. At this time, the motive for the murder is not yet known.  Investigators are looking at two possibilities: a burglary gone wrong or someone close to the victim.

    Sarah Johansson (Source: Belga)