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    Microsoft gives in to Belgian courts

    © Belga
    © Belga

    Microsoft has decided to collaborate more readily with cybercrime investigations. This is reported on Tuesday in De Standaard. In May, we learned that the section of the Veurne Public Prosecutor’s Office in West Flanders opened such an investigation against the American I.T. group for having refused to cooperate in this case.

    As with the majority of I.T. giants, Microsoft is not actually minded to collaborate with the Belgian courts. Under the law, telecommunication businesses are obliged to rapidly transmit data if the courts demand it. Although they are active in Belgium, American companies generally, however, are hiding behind the argument that they do not have to conform to Belgian rules.

    “Microsoft stated that it will comply anyway with all Belgian cooperation rules.” The Veurne Public Prosecutor, Filiep Jodts, explained. This undertaking from Microsoft will now have to be put into practice. However the Public Prosecutor is thrilled that the information giant has taken this decision, unlike other market competitors. The West Flanders Public Prosecutor’s Office has indeed opened files against other giants such as Facebook and Google.

    Christopher Vincent (Source: Belga)