Policeman killed in Spa: Police are sad and angry, looking for two key witnesses
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    Policeman killed in Spa: Police are sad and angry, looking for two key witnesses

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    “We are sad, down and angry, but powerless,” the national secretary of the National Union of Police and Security Personnel, SNPS, Thierry Belin, was quoted as saying by La Libre and La Dernière Heure newspapers on Monday, following the killing of a policeman in the town of Spa, Liège Province. “I believe all our colleagues in Belgium feel this way,” Belin added.

    Amaury Delrez, a 38-year-old policeman, was shot dead between Saturday night and Sunday morning while checking a vehicle in Spa. Investigators are searching for two key witnesses who were in the vehicle, according to a wanted notice sent out on Sunday evening.

    “I can tell you the guys are very, very angry,” Belin said. “Our political leaders are now showing sympathy for the family whereas they look down on us throughout the year.”

    Belin added bitterly: “They have to stop having calculators for brains. What happened is one more event. It adds to the feeling of abandonment that the police experience at the hands of the Government. We are fed up with nice words. We want actions and real support from the political world, which we have not had that for a very long time.”

    There had been five clients in the taxi that Delrez attempted to check. “Three of these persons are involved in the facts,” the police explained in their wanted notice. “They entered the taxi a little before the shots were fired. Two other clients who had been picked up by the same taxi in Francorchamps half an hour before were still present in the taxi at the time of the facts.”

    It is these two witnesses that the police are looking for. They are two European-looking men between 25 and 30 years of age. The men could be foreign nationals, according to the police, who are urging them to report to the law enforcers, so that the investigators can obtain their testimonies.

    Anyone with information on the incident can contact the investigators by phone at 0800 30 300 or by email at avisderecherche@police.belgium.eu. 

    Christopher Vincent
    The Brussels Times