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    Investigators find videos, photos on Salah Abdeslam’s laptop

    © Belga
    © Belga

    Investigators have found close to 600 videos and a series of photos, including some of Rue de Loi 16, on a laptop found at the hideout of Salah Abdeslam at Dries Street in Forest. They say the computer must have been used by the last survivor of the Paris terrorist group while he was on the run after the group’s terror attack on 13 November 2015, RTLinfo reported on Wednesday.

    “At the end of the month of November 2015, the searches made, and the documents downloaded suggest that Salah Abdeslam was looking for a target in Belgium,” RTLinfo reported. “In the deleted files, the investigators found various photos of Rue de la Loi 16 and press excerpts listing known pubs throughout Brussels.”

    The investigators also found an article on the Doel nuclear plant and a series of searches on military outfits, how to make silencers, anthrax, acid burns, etc. One document dated 26 January 2016 and about 30 pages long dealt with firearms. “It gives a detailed description of many weapons of war (submachine guns, machine pistols, revolvers) and gives an idea of their prices on the market,” the investigators noted.

    The videos stocked in the apartment ranged from coverage in French of the Paris attacks and a series of sermons in Arabic to footage of the Islamic State, including training, handling weapons and executions.

    Christopher Vincent
    The Brussels Times