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    New bank card fraud uncovered

    © Pixabay
    © Pixabay

    Police have warned of a new system of stealing bank cards so they can be used by thieves. The technique consists of cutting away the rubber protective strip on the bank machine slot as well as removing the Card Stop signs, which advise you the number to call if your card is retained or otherwise blocked.

    Unlike other methods, the user can carry out his transaction, such as withdrawing cash, but in conclusion does not receive his card back. The thieves thereby have not only the card, but also a record of the PIN code. They can therefore do with it what they will.

    Belga reports that the new system first showed up in the area of police zone Montgomery in Brussels. Local police research tracked down three Romanians – men of 32 to 39 years, who have been detained for questioning by the investigating magistrate.

    Alan Hope
    The Brussels Times