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    Yellow Vest protester killed by lorry: driver flees the scene

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    A man taking part in a Yellow Vests protest in the town of Visé near Liege has been killed after being hit by a truck during a road blockade. The driver fled the scene and is currently being sought by police. The protest involving 20 to 30 Yellow Vests was being held on the E25 motorway between Liege and Maastricht, and the accident took place around 1900. The man died at the scene. He has been identified only as Roger B., a man in his fifties. His wife is reported to also having taken part in the protest.

    As during a similar action on 2 January, the protesters were trying to stop the passage of lorries travelling to the Netherlands. The driver appears to have been trying to force his way through the blockade.

    A traffic expert and a medical examiner were sent to the scene to determine exactly how the accident happened.

    According to police the driver of the Dutch truck was not immediately held because of the atmosphere at the scene, but was ordered to stop at a car park further along the road where he could be interviewed and subjected to alcohol and drugs tests. However when police arrived, he had gone.

    As a result of the accident, one whole side of the E25 was closed, and police installed a diversion.

    The driver, according to magistrate Catherine Collignon, is being “actively sought” for questioning,

    Alan Hope
    The Brussels Times