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    Michelle Martin case dismissed

    © Belga
    © Belga

    The Namur Council Chamber on Thursday dismissed the case against Michelle Martin, accused of bankruptcy fraud and illegal work. The ruling, announced on Thursday by the Office of the Public Prosecutor in Namur, came in response to a suit filed in 2012 by the father and brother of Eefje Lambrecks, one of the victims of Martin’s former husband, Marc Dutroux.

    The two men accused Michelle Martin of voluntarily giving up her inheritance from her mother in 2000 in favour of her children, to prevent it from being seized during the 2004 Dutroux case. The Chamber upheld a recommendation made by the prosecution on 7 February that the suit was filed after the statute of limitations had elapsed, since more than 10 years had elapsed since the facts.

    Ms Martin had also been suspected of working illegally, the plaintiffs having accused her of being paid under the table while she worked at the Malonne Convent in Namur, just after her release.

    There too, the Chamber upheld the prosecution’s recommendation, considering that she had worked in exchange for lodging, and that the charges were insufficient.

    The case was therefore dismissed.

    The plaintiffs have 15 days to appeal.

    Maria Novak
    The Brussels Times