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    Two Belgian children found dead in Spain

    The woman was arrested in a demonstration in 2011 at the regional parliament of Valencia.

    The bodies of two Belgian children have been found dead in the Godella province in Spain today. The cause of the deaths of the children, a boy aged 3 and his sister, only 5 months old, remain unclear. The mother led police to the site where the children were buried. The site is just next to where she and the father of the children, lived illegally.

    The bodies showed traces of external physical trauma, reports El País. When questioned by police, their mother mentioned “extra-terrestrials and the possibility of resuscitating the two children.”

    The mother is now being considered the principal suspect for the death of the two children. During interrogation, the father said that the mother tried to drown the two children following a heated dispute.

    The father, a Belgian national, is in custody while authorities try to determine his role in the deaths. At minimum, he is suspected of having hidden the bodies.

    El País also reports that the mother came from a rich family and lived an “alternative mode of life”, while both she and her partner consumed drugs and suffered from mental health problems.

    The Brussels Times