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    Young female politicians speak out against cyber-harassment


    Cyberstalking rages against young female politicians, La Libre and published, based on various testimonies.

    These candidates are attacked because they are women, not because of their political stance or ideology.

    La Libre published the testimony of five candidates from different political parties. All are attacked regularly on social networks, whether by death or rape threats, indecent proposals, insults… 

    The Institute for Gender Equality was seized in several cases, but the victims do not obtain justice. The messages are private, and the law on sexism only applies to the public sphere. 

    Beyond the political framework, 5,000 to 10,000 complaints of cyber harassment were registered in ten years, according to police statistics; 3,853 complaints during the first half of 2018. One suspect was identified out of 1,110 acts: suspects are 82.3% male and 95.4% adult.

    The Brussels Times