Federal employee suspected of cooperating with car-theft gang
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    Federal employee suspected of cooperating with car-theft gang

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    Federal Bureau for Transport and Mobility
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    A search was conducted in the Federal Bureau for Mobility and Transport (SPF Mobilité) on Wednesday, after suspicions emerged that an employee there may have cooperated with a large vehicle-trafficking gang that was dismantled this month.

    The employee, who works at the Bureau’s Vehicle Registration Service (DIV), is thought to have helped process stolen vehicles, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office confirmed to French-language daily La Dernière Heure.

    “It is not the DIV as a whole that is being targeted, but one person who works there and might have helped to launder stolen vehicles,” the federal prosecutor told Het Laatste Nieuws.

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    The Federal Mobility Bureau is the latest public institution to be linked to the vehicle-theft gang, after a notary, as well as regional and federal police agents were arrested for their alleged involvement with the criminal group.

    The car-trafficking gang, wanted for having scammed over 500 people out of their vehicles, was dismantled earlier this month during a nation-wide police operation which involved thousands of police agents as well as hundreds of federal investigators.

    The conclusions of the search in the Bureau were not made public.

    A total of 28 suspects have already been put under arrest, including members of the trafficking gang as well as authorities suspected of cooperating with them.

    The Brussels Times