Unsuccessful asylum seekers criticise police brutality during deportation
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    Unsuccessful asylum seekers criticise police brutality during deportation

    Credit: Belga

    Two unsuccessful asylum seekers who were set to be forcibly deported claim they were assaulted by police during deportation attempts, RTBF has reported. 

    The complainants said they were beaten all over their bodies and had their nose and mouth pinched and their hair pulled out. The two immigrants have submitted a complaint to the Hal-Vilvorde Prosecutor’s office and at least one of them will go to civil court. The Prosecutor’s office said it only knew of one complaint. “The investigation is ongoing and taking its course,” it stated. 

    The first immigrant said the deportation attempt was interrupted because he resisted and that got the attention of the other passengers on the plane. They claim to have been beaten by six officers after being removed from the aircraft. A medical report that RTBF were able to examine mentions bruises and hair being pulled out. 

    The second person said they were “tortured and treated like an animal” by five police officers during the entire incident. “When I called for help, they hit me in the mouth. They pinched my nose and throat and forced their fingers down my throat.” 

    The alleged incidents happened in September and October. 

    Sarah Johansson

    The Brussels Times