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    Walloons mistrustful of political parties


    The Wallonia 2012-2013 social barometer has revealed that although Walloons stand by democracy principles, they are far less happy with how it is implemented. The findings were released on Thursday by the Walloon Institute for Evaluation, Prospective and Statistics (IWEPS). According to the survey, 81% of Walloons think that parliament should not be removed, yet 68% believe that political parties’ ideologies are no longer credible  and 62% state that parties create more trouble than they actually sort out. “There is clearly a distinction between the two concepts: on one side, the idea of democracy as a form of government based on a parliament, a principle most people support strongly; and much criticized by the population.

    Amidst this criticism of the way democracy performs, the political parties who play a central role in its implementation are overwhelmingly being blamed”, concludes IWEPS in this survey of 1,200 people (margin of error of 2.76%). It would appear that 53% of Walloons are unhappy political parties’ performance. A whopping 88% claim that parties promise the world, but these ultimately turn out to be empty promises.

    Paradoxically, only 31% of Walloons believe they would be able to do as good a job as the politicians they elect.

    Christopher Vincent (Source: Belga)