Death of Queen Fabiola: “Sois Belga et tais-toi!” pays hommage
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    Death of Queen Fabiola: “Sois Belga et tais-toi!” pays hommage

    The big première of the 17th edition of “Sois Belga et tais-toi!” took place on Thursday at 8pm, at the Saint Michel theatre in Brussels. The show will be on tour until the 15th of March. In homage to Queen Fabiola, the troop greeted the audience with apples in their hands. I t was a reference to her defiant gesture – typical of the humour she was known for – to threats against her life. “A great show”, said Laurette Onkelinx, president of the Brussels Federation Socialist party, at the curtain call. “They changed the genre for the characters. Before, I was a little fanfreluche. Now, I’m indignant and on the offensive”.

    His constant attempts to stand up to the “treachery” of Prime Minister Charles Michel come out in his extreme criticism of the current government. The MR dilemma takes on Cornelian airs, Charles Michel is mute and shown as puppet. The dumbed down N-VA (New Flemish Alliance) reveal malicious intentions. For the cdH (Christian Humanist Democrats), Joëlle Milquet teaches Benoit Lutgen the Neither Yes Nor No game. The Socialist Party is criticized for its inaction while in power. But, Elio Di Rupo reaches out to the PTB by putting himself in the middle of the strike movement.

    “We have referred to recent events, there are new characters…. We may be more accurate as there are better targets. But it was difficult, because the mannerisms of today’s politicians are not well-known to the public. We looked at the possibilities of exaggerating mannerisms for the caricatures”, explains the author André Rémy.

    The “galantries” of the Mobility Minister Jacqueline Galant, the inopportune advice from Marc Wilmots to pick the Red Devils and the Jean-Claude Van Damme’s explanation of the Black-out were used for the playful scenes. They also showed the apocalyptic vision described over and over by member of the PS.

    Andy Sanchez (Source: Belga)