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    Police Unions invited to the MR and N-VA headquarters


    Police officers from the CGSP and the CSC demonstrated in front of the headquarters of the MR (Reformation Movement) and N-VA (New Flemish Alliance) in Brussels. Delegations spoke to parties from the cabinet of Pensions minister Daniel Bacqueline and the Security minister Jan Jambon. In a press release, the MR said the meeting between Union representatives and Deputy Philippe Pivin was “constructive”. “The MR is willing to find a solution following a bill by the Constitutional Court that stops their preferential pension ages” said the liberal French-language party.

    The Union also said it was pleased with having secured a meeting. “Deputy Pivin, a member of the Home Affairs Commission, has committed to forwarding our requests to the Pensions minister”, said Stéphane Deldicque, delegate from the CSC-Police. “He has equally promised to forward the general request to put the labour group in action and meetings. We are now waiting for invitations.

    Members of the Flemish-speaking branch of the Unions also met with the N-VA. “They were less open”, said Mr Deldicque, reminding people of the promise made by minister Jambon and the Home Affairs Commission on the 26th of November. He said there would be bilateral contact.

    The CSC delegate shared his anger at not having been invited to speak to the government, while his colleagues SLFP and SNPS had. “It would be bad or dangerous to find a compromise that excludes two Union organizations”, said Stéphane Deldicque. “We don’t like the fact they are trying to divide the Unions. I hope my colleagues will notice”.

    Jason Bennett (Souece: Belga)