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    Public authorities continue to pay their bills late

    Authorities continued to pay their bills late in 2014. In the middle of the year, around 60,000 bills had not been paid on time, amounting to 600 million euros. The main causes of these delays are the elections held on the 25th of May, and consecutive blocks on credits. The Michel government is now trying to catch up, the Het Belang van Limburg said on Wednesday. The State’s average payment delay has increased from 63 days to 80 days, according to the budget minister Hervé Jamar. This was his reply to a question by senator Lode Vereeck (Open Vld, Liberal Democrats).

    The total number of bills not paid on time will be worked out during 2015. It will definitely be more than the 75,960 for 2013, amounting to around 311,27 million euros. One in three bills was paid late that year.

    Jason Bennett (Source: Belga)