No more collective legalization for those without papers, says the Foreigner’s Office
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    No more collective legalization for those without papers, says the Foreigner’s Office

    A demonstration by 200 people without papers took place on Thursday in front of the State Secretary for Immigration and Asylum Théo Francken’s cabinet. Shortly after, a delegation from the Immigrants Front met with the director of the Foreigner’s Office. The Immigrant’s Front is a collective made of up 5 associations whose members are themselves people without papers, or help them defend their rights.  The director suggested trying to legalize their situation through working in sectors looking to recruit, Dominique Ernould, the spokesman for the Foreigner’s Office, said on Thursday. “Freddy Roosement, the director of the Foreigner’s Office, met with the Immigrant’s Front. He let them know that, under the current legislation, there will be no collective legalization for those without papers.  This is indicated in a government statement”, said Dominique Ernould, spokesman for the Foreigner’s Office.

    “He did, however, invite those without papers to invest themselves and integrate into Belgium through working. He suggested they look for employment in sectors that are looking to recruit. He also committed himself to doing the necessary to ensure those with a work contract get a visa and a driving license”, she said.

    The Immigrant’s Front is made up of several associations. Among them are “Voices without papers of Molenbeek”, and the “Ebola” group, which is made up of immigrants from countries hit by the disease. The Immigrant’s Front also includes the “2009” group, made up of people without papers who were not legalized during the last campaign, and a group of Afghans who are waiting for refugee status. The “Kid’s Parliament, which defends the rights of immigrant children, is also part of the Immigrant’s Front.

    Sarah Johansson (Source; Belga)