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    “Emir Kir incited a rebellion during a deportation”


    A report by the General Inspection service says the police did not make mistakes during the deportation of a Nigerian woman at the beginning of May. According to Emir Kir, who was on the plane, the officers with her behaved inhumanely. The report claims Emir Kir incited a rebellion, Het Laaste Nieuws and De Morgen reported on Wednesday. On the 12th of May, the deputy mayor of Saint-Josse, along with other passengers, protested when officers were deporting a Nigerian woman.  She did not have permission to stay in Belgium. The incident happened on a flight to Casablanca. Mr Kir said the violence the woman was subjected to and her screams made the situation “unbearable”.

    Police source say Emir Kir incited a rebellion. Emir Kir said he intervened to stop “the officer’s physical and psychical violence”.

    The Home Affairs Minister Jan Jambon said he had asked the General Inspection service to do a report into the incident. This report says that the officers behaved professionally, and are therefore beyond reproach. Talking about Emir Kir’s behaviour, the report says he “actively contributed to the increase in tension on the plane”.

    At the request of the Home Affairs Minister, Jan Jambon, and the State Secretary for Asylum and Immigration, Theo Francken, the Home Affairs SPF have launched a complaint against Mr Kir for inciting a rebellion.

    Jason Bennett (Source: Belga)