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    N-VA rejects agreement reached by Flemish Environment Minister


    The tentative agreement on burden sharing reached by ministers in charge of climate policies in the 3 regions and at federal level must be renegotiated, reckons N-VA. “We need an agreement, but not this one,” said the nationalist party in several Flemish-speaking dailies.

    N-VA is particularly opposed to the compromise negotiated by Joke Schauvliege (CD&V), the Flemish Minister for the Environment. She allegedly overstepped her negotiating mandate on several points, according to the Flemish party.

    Amongst other things, Flanders requested 56% of income from the auctioning off of CO2 allowances, but with the agreement would only get 50%. N-VA is also protesting against the decrease in the share of renewable energy that Wallonia must reach by 2020 (12.5% down to 11.5%).

    The Flanders government will rule on the future of the tentative agreement reached by Mrs. Schauvliege. The federal government and those of the 2 other regions are not expected to be flexible with Flanders’ demands if it rejects the current agreement.

    Lars Andersen (Source: Belga)