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    “This government is failing to offer new perspectives”


    “If the coalition is not succeeding in one area, it’s collective overall ambition is failing. It is not performing regarding consensus, and it is failing to offer new perspectives”, the president of the New Flemish Alliance Bart De Wever declared on Friday. He appeared on the VRT program “De Afspraak” on Friday evening discussing the Belgian government. “I think our reality is better than how we perceive it, we should not despair”, the Antwerp mayor explained.

    The current executive power has to deal with numerous simultaneous tasks, explained Mr De Wever. He spoke of a “storm”. “We need to invest a lot, but there is no money. We have to cut public spending, but we can’t increase taxes. We also have to improve competitivity. A secure culture has to be built from nothing”, he said. He is the president of the top Parliamentary party in terms of seats.

    The government has handled many of these “jobs” well. But the coalition, made up of the New Flemish Alliance, the MR, the Flemish Christian Democrats and Open Vld, has not yet gained the people’s trust.

    Sarah Johansson (Source: Belga)