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    The MR is calling for Minister Paul Furlan to quit


    The MR called for the Walloon Minister for Local Authorities, Paul Furlan, to quit on Saturday. This is because of statements that appeared in the press on Friday. He was talking about the scandal surrounding members of the Publifin committee’s payment.

    When speaking to L’Avenir, Pierre-Yves Jeholet, the head of the Walloon Parliament MR opposition, said Minister Furlan (PS) had always refused a cadastre of the mandates for all public bodies within the Walloon region during the eight years he had been in office. This is despite him promising to be “uncompromising” with regards to this case.

    Mr Jeholet says the Minister has also been hypocritical. “It is extraordinary that the Minister who signed off on the two year report that allowed Publifin and ORES to be independent back in June 2015 today claims to know nothing about the case” the MP said.

    On Friday, Mr Furlan told L’Avenir he was “angry” about the case and that he was “kept in the dark”. The MR does not believe this as his deputy, Claude Carpentier, was a Publifin administrator.

    The case will be on the agenda for the Walloon Parliament meeting on Wednesday. Reformists will call for the Minister to quit if he sticks to what he said to the press on Friday.

    Andy Sanchez (Source: Belga)