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    We are here to work while we wait for an alternative majority

    © Belga
    © Belga

    “We are here to work for the general interest, pending the constitution of an alternative majority, and to make the institutions work”, said Brussels Minister, CdH Céline Fremault. She issued the statement on her arrival at the headquarters of the Brussels government that had gathered since morning.

    After the announcement by its party president, Benoît Lutgen, that he no longer wanted to govern with the socialists, who were too entangled in business in his opinion, the minister was expected by his colleagues to clarify his situation in the regional government.

    The enlarged bureau of the Brussels parliament also wants to see the position of the cdH clearly to determine its agenda in the coming days.

    For their part, the three Flemish representatives of the Brussels government, Guy Vanhengel (Open Vld), Pascal Smet (sp.a) and Bianca Debaets (CD&V) arrived together in the same vehicle at the BIP, the official headquarters of the Brussels government. For them, the Brussels government must be able to continue its work.

    The three Dutch-speaking leaders also argued that they had proposals to put forward in terms of governance.

    Christopher Vincent
    The Brussels Times