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    New poll says the N-VA is losing ground in Flanders


    The N-VA is losing ground in Flanders, according to an Ipsos poll requested by RTL-TVi, Le Soir, VTM and Het Laatste Nieuws. The Flemish nationalists still dominate the political scene in the North, but they only got 26.5% of the intended votes (compared to 32.4% in 2014). In Wallonia, the PP has made the most progress and even passed the 5% mark with 7.3%. DéFI is in second place with 15.4% of the votes.  

    In the South, the PS is on top with 23.4% of the votes. However, this is well below their previous score of 32%. MR are second with 20%, but also lost votes. Ecolo got 13.2% of the votes. The PTB is fourth with 12.8% of the votes, despite dominating previous polls.  The cdH bounced back slightly but still only got 9% of the votes. DéFI is behind the PP at 5.9%. 

    In the North, the CD&V is second behind the N-VA but stagnating at 15.3%. Open Vld (13.9%) is next, followed by the Greens (12.4%) and the sp.a (11.7%). Vlaams Belang comes after the sp.a with 9.7%. They don’t seem to have been able to make the most of the N-VA’s dip in popularity. The PTB got 6.2% of the votes. 

    The Brussels political scene has become balkanised. No party is able to get more than 20% of the votes. The MR came first, but only with 17%. DéFI is next. The PS continues to nosedive with 14,2% (10% less than at the last election). Ecolo got 11.9%. The PTB improved slightly with 9.5%, beating the cdH’s score of 7.4%. The N-VA came top out of the Dutch-speaking parties (6.7% ), which is double what its competitors got.  

    The poll was done between the 29th of May (the day of the Liège killings) and the 6th of June. 2,253 people took part. The margin of error was 3.1% in Wallonia and Flanders and 4.3% in Brussels.

    Sarah Johansson
    The Brussels Times