Benelux countries increase collaboration in energy and climate
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    Benelux countries increase collaboration in energy and climate

    Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg have decided to increase their cooperation to develop national energy and climate policies, declared Monday Belgian Minister of Energy, Marie-Christine Marghem, on behalf of the three countries, at a European Ministers for Energy summit. Gathered together at the Energy Council, the Ministers finalized governance regulation, which materializes European energy strategy at the legislative level. In concrete terms, this text specifies the manner in which the EU countries intend to transpose the 2030 energy and climate objectives by way of national policies.

    For the densely populated and highly industrialized Benelux countries, meeting these ambitious targets is a major challenge, which needs structural collaboration. “We are truly proud that Benelux countries are once again a model of regional cooperation,” stressed Mrs. Marghem.

    During the coming months, the three countries’ experts will consult to make an inventory of the most promising routes to take in matters of energy and climate cooperation.

    Jason Bennett
    The Brussels Times