Flemish government comes to agreement on “packaging’’ and deposit policy
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    Flemish government comes to agreement on “packaging’’ and deposit policy

    The Flemish government cleared an agreement on the “packaging’’ plan, largely debated on in the North of the country. Geert Bourgeois’ (N-VA) team came to a compromise on the contested introduction of a deposit on cans and plastic bottles, was communicated Saturday morning.

    The “packaging’’ plan of the Flemish Minister for Environment Joke Schauvliege (CD&V) was initially absent from the governmental meeting’s agenda, but the N-VA and Open Vld insisted on discussing it.

    According to several reliable sources, the Flemish government would have agreed to a plan being considered as “ambitious,’’ made up of a set of measures going from banning plastic bags to compulsory use of reusable cups for events, and to specific industrial objectives, among other provisions.

    The government’s partners also tuned their violins on the introduction of a deposit for cans and plastic bottles. This measure was encouraged by the CD&V, while the N-VA and Open Vld were reticent.

    To start with, pilot projects with a reward system will be put in place. If the industry does not manage to attain its objectives, a general application will enter into force in 2023.

    Furthermore, Geert Bourgeois’ team agreed on “a certain number of files decisive for the transition towards a clean, sustainable and low-carbon Flanders,’’ stated the Flemish President-Minister, notably mentioning space policy, climate-energy and air quality plans.

    Christopher Vincent
    The Brussels Times