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    Bullet posted to letterbox of Défi party in Namur

    © Belga
    © Belga

    A revolver bullet was posted in August in the letterbox of the Democratic, Federalist Independent (Défi) party in Namur, Yves Dupuy, head of the party’s list in Namur for the upcoming municipal elections, said on Tuesday, confirming a report by the Sudpresse group. A complaint is to be filed soon.

    The anonymous letter was not addressed and, at first, the party had decided not to react. “We had not paid much attention to it at the time but given the recent attacks against other parties in Namur, we’ve now decided to speak about it,” Dupuis said. “This gesture is not insignificant. With a bit of hindsight, we wish to denounce it today.”

    No complaint has been filed so far but that should change soon. “We shall be meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) evening to examine this issue,” Dupuis added. “In principle, we should file suit against X quickly.”

    While nothing shows that the bullet targeted the local list of Défi and not the party as a whole, the runup to the municipal elections has been fraught with tension in the Walloon capital. Last week, the Namur headquarters of the Reformist Movement (MR) was vandalized. Former mayor Jean-Louis Close was attacked in the street in September and current mayor Maxime Prévot was doused with sauce at a flea market in mid-August.

    Oscar Schneider
    The Brussels Times