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    Green party on the rise in Brussels communes

    © Belga
    © Belga

    “Ten green Mayors have been confirmed and four or five more could still be added in the coming days,” says Patrick Dupriez, Ecolo’s co-president. He says that he is very satisfied with the communal election results and is speaking of a “green tide”. “We have also increased our scores in some majorities, adds Patrick Dupriez.

    The co-president is not hiding a certain disappointment with the results coming out from Molenbeek (2,43%) . However, Ecolo has come out on top in Ixelles, taking 33 % of the votes, Saint-Gilles 28%, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Schaerbeek 19% amongst others. “I was hoping for better results in Molenbeek, where we had carried out a major campaign effort. However, the victory is still “beautiful”, with great results recorded in Ixelles, one of Ecolo’s priority communes. “The results surpassed our expectations.”

    The votes show that Brussels residents “expect politics to be carried out in a different way”. “They want to see good governance and want to be considered partners and not solely, people to whom we carry out a service to, in exchange for a vote.”

    Speaking Sunday evening at the Via-Via bar in Place Saint-Cathering, Zakia Khattabi, Ecolo’s other co-president, said that it is clear that the green party is the winner of these communal elections. “We want to enter the governance in the City of Brussels so that Brussels becomes an example in all aspects of environmental matters.”   

    Maria Novak
    The Brussels Times