Inter-federal Mobility agency rejected by regional governments
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    Inter-federal Mobility agency rejected by regional governments

    The idea of an inter-federal Mobility agency to coordinate the regions has been rejected by regional ministers Pascal Smet (Brussels) and Ben Wyets (Flanders), De Morgen reported on Saturday. It was suggested by François Bellot. On Friday, the federal minister announced he planned to submit a plan to this effect on the 14th of January. It is designed to deal with traffic congestion and make public transport more popular. 

    Mr Bellot says that at the moment “everyone is working away on their own little island”. For example, he pointed out that Flanders is enlarging the Brussels ring-road while Brussels wants to reduce the number of lanes. At the same time, Wallonia is calling for vehicle stickers to be introduced and Flanders wants a kilometre tax. 

    The Brussels and Flemish regional ministers remain sceptical. 

    Pascal Smet says the proposition “would tell regions what they have to do” and would make “Belgium a sort of Daddy figure”. “I think it would be a tactical error”, he says. 

    Maria Novak
    The Brussels Times