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    Belgium’s liberal party wants new tax reform

    © Belga
    © Belga

    For next term of office, the MR proposes a new tax reform, with the aim of raising the tax-exempt quota to 12,500 euros, Olivier Chastel said in The Free and DH columns Saturday. “This will benefit everyone, and especially those with low wages,” according to the head of the Mouvement réformateur (MR).

    The tax-exempt quota is the non-taxed part of the taxpayer’s income. It was recently raised to 8,300 euros, but Olivier Chastel wants to raise it to the level of the unemployment minimum benefit, i.e., 12,500 euros a year. This will be part of the MR programme, he said.

    Olivier Chastel also evokes the Liberal Party’s position on confederalism: “In 2014, the communitarian was very clearly excluded by the N-VA for the whole term of office. And today, we repeat that the MR is opposed to confederalism, and that it will not negotiate on account of this.”

    The Brussels Times