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    Tax debt recovery: De Croo requests action plan soon

    © Belga
    © Belga

    Minister of Finance Alexander De Croo requests FPS Finance to tackle the Federal mediator’s report on tax debt recovery, and to rapidly implement its recommendations. The findings in the report submitted to the House Monday are severely critical of the methods used by the tax authorities. 

    “It’s already hard enough when people are struggling to pay. The role of public authorities is to accompany them in the search for solutions, and not to further aggravate payment problems,” Mr. De Croo said. 

    “Fortunately, tax debt recovery is still the exception, but when it does come to that, we must find an approach that takes the person’s situation sufficiently into account,” he added. 

    According to the minister, the use of bailiffs (singled out in the report) is not meant to entail additional cost. This resort “must be limited as much as possible,” he says, and certainly not lead to two or three times the amount in debt.

    The Brussels Times