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    CD&V pleads for state reform in 2024

    © Belga
    © Belga

    Several CD&V tenors (Christen-Democratisch en Vlaams): Hilde Crevits, Wouter Beke, Kris Peeters, Luc Van den Brande, Johan Sauwens, Servais Verherstraeten and Yves Leterme, argued for a seventh state reform in 2024, in a carte blanche (open forum) published today in the Standaard. The Flemish Christian Democrats believe that the delay should allow the regional parliament of Belgium’s northern parties’ to adopt a series of institutional desiderata, and the Francophone parties to do likewise. 

    “Let’s first reach a Flemish consensus in the Flemish Parliament. We can begin right after the elections,” they stressed. Work will then continue in the Senate “so that, in an ideal scenario, a project for state reform will be ready and enforceable as of 2024,” they continued. 

    It is out of the question, however, to discuss re-federalization of important skills, in terms of mobility in particular, which would be a step backward instead of forward, CD&V leaders said. 

    On the contrary, “we are convinced that Flanders will be strengthened by new skills, health care taking priority. Flanders has used its competencies to give all Flemish better social protection. But the distribution of skills is not always logical. so, we must go further,” they added. 

    CD&V tenors restated their commitment to a “positive confederal model”: entrusting most policies to federal entities within a Belgian context.

    The Brussels Times