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    Donations of unsold non-food products are now VAT exempt

    Jesse Yelin/Pexels
    Jesse Yelin/Pexels

    VAT (Value Added Tax) exemption on surplus food donations to charities will be extended to stocks of unsold non-food products such as clothing and electronic equipment. A bill to this effect was approved on Wednesday by the House Commission on Finance. 

    Currently, a vendor must pay VAT when he donates unsold products for charitable purposes. He does not pay VAT, however, if he destroys the goods. 

    According to Comeos (Belgian federation of trade and services), it is estimated that there are 100 million euros worth of unsold goods in Belgium annually.  

    “These are often goods that people in need cannot afford, but which would significantly improve their quality of life, such as cosmetics, cleaning products, games and school supplies,” the organization added.

    The Brussels Times