Huawei: No proof of spying in Belgium says Cyber-security Centre

Huawei: No proof of spying in Belgium says Cyber-security Centre

The Belgian Centre for Cybersecurity (CCB) will not issue a negative opinion on the Chinese technology company Huawei, following spying accusations by the Trump administration.

After several months of investigation, the CCB has found no concrete evidence establishing any threat, De Standaard reported.

In Belgium, Huawei works with Proximus, Orange and Telenet/Base. Since December, the CCB, which depends on the Prime Minister’s Chancellery, has been seeking evidence of spying.

However, "to date, we do not have sufficient evidence to establish any threat coming from Huawei," CCB spokesperson Katrien Eggers said. "A final report on the issue will not be produced as yet because the situation is still being monitored," Eggers added.

Prime Minister Charles Michel (MR-Reformed Movement) had previously stated, in answer to a parliamentary question on the Belgian position vis-à-vis Huawei, that he was waiting for the CCB analysis.

Considering that there will not be a final report, the ball is in the Prime Minister’s court. It is up to Michel to take position on the tech giant on the basis of the CCB evaluation. The Prime Minister’s spokesperson did not respond to this question addressed by the Flemish newspaper.

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