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    Ecolo wants tax credits for low wages

    © Belga
    © Belga

    Ecolo launched the idea of ​​tax credits for the lowest wages.

    The measure would cost 1.68 billion euros per year with an average wage gain of 881 euros net per year, MP George Ecolo Gilkinet told Le Soir on Thursday. 

    Under the measure, a person with 1.562 euros would receive a monthly credit of 225 Euros net. This sum would decrease to 170 euros for an income of 1,750 euros, 115 euros for 2,000 and 60 euros for 2,250 euros wage. 

    “This seems a fairer and more effective way of acting with regards to a tax cut,” Gilkinet said. 

    Ecolo wants to provide a rapid response to the situation of the working poor, including independents. According to a recent survey by the neutral independents’ union, one out of five earns less than a monthly 1,139 euros. “It would be more effective than raising the tax-exempt portion, which in turn benefits all income levels,” according to the MP.

    The Brussels Times