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    Imec creates a self-taught chip

    © Belga
    © Belga

    Scientists at Imec, the microelectronics and nanotechnology centre, have developed a self-taught microchip. “This chip learns things in the same way that a child would”, said researcher Diederik Verkest on Tuesday. The institute speaks of a global breakthrough in technology.

    Computers capable of learning already exist, but such a process requires a lot of time and energy. For the first time, Imec has succeeded in integrating existing memory technology into the creation of a chip.

    The classical chips repeat the elements installed by a programmer but the one developed by Imec can identify a mass of data models to learn.

    The chip itself is able to produce music after the introduction of a series of minuets by researchers. “The chip learns to recognise the patterns and rhythms of the existing minuets, and then produces music by itself”, continues Diederik Verkest.

    According to the researcher, this technology can be used in the management of large data flows, such as road traffic analysis, and can also be used in the health field.

    Maria Novak
    The Brussels Times