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    September unusually sunny and little rain

    © Belga
    © Belga

    September had unusually low number of days of precipitation and was unusually sunny in Brussels, Royal Meteorological Institute (MRI) announced Monday in a press release. While total precipitation (61.7 mm) was normal in the last thirty days, the number of rainy days – nine – was very low, the standard number of days being 15.7.

    The past month was also sunnier than average for Belgium, with 197 hours and 34 minutes of sun against an historic average of about 143 hours. “As in 2016 — a quite unusual phenomenon — there was not a single day when the sky was fully overcast (normal: 2.8 days),” MRI said. Only seven days mostly cloudy to overcast were recorded, which is an abnormal value.

    Temperatures, however, were not exceptional. The month average, maximum and minimum temperatures respectively reached 15.4, 20.4 and 10.7 °C.

    The highest temperature was measured on the 18th at Ophoven (Kinrooi), where the mercury rose to 29.7 °C. The lowest temperature was recorded on the 25th at Elsenborn (Bütgenbach), with -3.7 °C. 

    The average wind speed was normal in Uccle, with 3.0 meters per second, as was the number of thunderstorm days (5). 

    The Brussels Times