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    Temperatures set to rise after Tuesday

    © Belga
    © Belga

    On Monday morning, clouds and a few showers are expected, mainly in the north-east. It will be progressively drier and cloudier during the day, according to MRI forecasts.

    Temperatures will be cool, 4 to 10 C°; winds moderate to strong with peaks ranging from 50 – 65 km/h. 

    Monday night to Tuesday will be calm and cold, alternating clear skies and overcast. Mist and sometimes freezing fog will reduce visibility. The minimum temperature will be around 5 C° on the coast, and 1 – 3 C° elsewhere. Northwest winds generally weak.

    On Tuesday, the sky will be often cloudy with a low risk of rain. Temperatures will be between 4 C° in Haute Ardenne and 9 – 10 C° in the centre and west. The wind will weaken to low/moderate. 

    Temperatures will rise gradually after Tuesday. The sun will be back briefly on the weekend.

    The Brussels Times