Transgender people organise alternative Pride in Brussels

Transgender people organise alternative Pride in Brussels

The first 'Trans*March', an alternative Pride for and by transgender people, will take place on 4 May in Brussels.

The Brussels collective Transemble is not against the Belgian Pride that will take place on 18 May, but it wants to raise more awareness for the rights of transgender people in Belgium. In Brighton, Cologne and Paris, these trans prides have already been held.

"Even though Belgium is doing very well in regards to rights for transgender people, their safety is not always guaranteed," said Quinn, who is a member of the collective, to Bruzz. "Trans people are overrepresented in unemployment statistics, suicide statistics and even in murder statistics," added Quinn.

To demand extra attention for the specific living conditions of transpeople in Brussels and Belgium, the collective organizes its own Pride. "We do not receive subsidies, our independence is very important to us," says Quinn.

This independence is the reason why the collective does not join the 'big' Pride, that is supported by LGBT federations such as the Flemish çavaria, the Brussels Rainbow House and the Walloon Arc-en-Ciel.

"We are nog against the big Pride, but we do criticise the way it is organised now," said Quinn. "The fight for trans rights is inseparable from the fight against racism, capitalism and discrimination in general. Pride is supported and financed by big companies and political parties that are also fuelling racism and polarisation. Transgender people are too often the victim of those," Quin added.

The first Transpride will be held on Saturday 4 May at 16:00 at the Jo Cox square, close to the Rainbow House on the Kolenmarkt. After the march, the demonstrators will gather in the pop-up bar Mothers & Daughters.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times

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