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    Malaysian oil palm planters ready to sue Delhaize and Colruyt

    Malaysian oil palm planters, who, along with Indonesians, are the main producers of this vegetable oil, believe that several Belgian and French retail companies’ tendency to label a range of food products on display with “palm oil-free” or “does not contain palm oil” is a discriminatory, deceptive practice. They plan to sue the main companies involved, such as Delhaize, Colruyt and Galler, the chocolate maker, revealed L’Echo last Thursday. According to MPOC (Malaysian Palm Oil Council), Belgium and France are the only European countries where specific labelling stigmatizes palm oil in public opinion. This oil is disparaged environmentally-speaking because plantations are likely to contribute to deforestation. It is also accused of having potential adverse health effects. The CEO of MPOC, which represents 300,000 planters, met officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Wednesday, in Brussels. He explained that this “negative labelling” was illegal and asked the government to take action to enforce the law. Lars Andersen (Source: Belga)