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    High increase in dividends for the brewer AB InBev


    The Louvain brewer AB InBev sold 458 million hectolitres of drink all over the world last year, 0.6% more than in 2013. Their turnover went up by 5.9%, to 47,1 billion dollars (41,1 billion euros). Their net profit went from 7,9 million dollars in 2013 to 8,9 million in 2014 (+11.7%), AB InBev said on Thursday.  The dividend for 2014 went up by three euros per share, a 46% increase compared to 2013. The volume sold in Europe fell again: the brewer produced 44,3 million hectolitres of drink there, compared to 47 million the year before (-6.1%). They also lost ground North America (-1.4%), dropping to 121,1 million hectolitres. North America is the biggest market for the brewery giant, with 125,4 million hectolitres sold in 2014 (+4.7%).

    “2014 saw another solid financial performance, with excellent commercial results in most of our main markets, and a continuation of our global marks”, the group said. The volume for the global marks went up by 5.4% in 2014, with Budweiser at the top (5,9%). Corona sales went up by 5.8%.

    Andy Sanchez (Source: Belga)