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    Audi – Belgium remain in the top ten of Audi’s markets


    The Belgian market is the eighth most important market for the German car company Audi. According to the latest figures in the company’s annual report, the company with the 4 rings logo delivered 31,769 vehicles to Belgian customers in 2014, around 5% more than a year ago. China remains Audi’s main market, with 578,932 vehicles, an increase of 17.7% compared to 2013. Germany comes next (255,582 cars, +2.2%), then the United States (182,011, +15.2%) and the UK (158,829, +11.8%).

    Last year, Audi delivered a record number of 1.74 million cars all over the world, of which 115,000 were A1 models from the Forest factory.

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)