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    Solvay is building a Silica production factory in South Korea


    On Monday, the chemist group Solvay announced it had started the construction of a Silica production factory in Gunsan, South Korea. This new installation should be in service within two years, and will produce more than 80,000 tons of Silica a year. This will help meet Asia’s increasing demand for energy efficient tyres.

    “This new production platform will be dedicated to innovations around Silica for the Asian market. With the Silica research department, which is part of the new Solvay Research and Innovation Centre on the Ehwa University campus in Seoul, we are in a perfect position to accelerate innovations in close cooperation with our regional clients”, explains Solvay in a press release.

    The production factory, situated in Saemangeum, close to the town of Gunsan, will replace a large part of the yearly production at the Silica site in Incheon. The Incheon site is in a zone destined to be redeveloped for housing.

    Sarah Johansson (Source: Belga)