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    10% more bankruptcies in April

    965 businesses went bankrupt in Belgium in April, an increase of 9.6% on April 2014. However the impact of these bankruptcies on employment is reduced, points out the Graydon trade information office in its latest bankruptcy barometer on Monday. “The increased number of bankruptcies in April is striking as it goes against data pointing to an improved economic outlook,” comments Graydon. The company mentions stricter rules to benefit from protection from lenders as a result of the new law on business continuity, or to the January 2015 implementation of a 1000-euro duty levied for entry on the hearings schedule. Bankruptcies between January and April 2015 have potentially led to the loss of 8,309 jobs, so 12.34% less than last year over the same period, according to Graydon, which also mentions that bankrupt companies tend to be “smaller and older.”

    Christopher Vincent (Source: Belga)