Belgian startup Acar'Up raises nearly 100,000 euros in 18 minutes

Belgian startup Acar'Up raises nearly 100,000 euros in 18 minutes

Acar’Up, a pharmaceutical company that has developed a revolutionary solution against dust mite allergy, raised 99,500 euros in only 18 minutes this Monday lunchtime thanks to the “MyMicroInvest” online crowdfunding platform. Around fifty investors responded to the appeal for funds. These loans will be repaid at a 6% interest rate the first year and, if sales hit 75,000, at up to 12% the second year. The funds will be used to distribute this anti-dustmite product, in particular in the Dutch-speaking areas of the country. Currently, Brussels and Wallonia make up around 60% of all sales.

When Acar’Up launched in April 2013, it raised capital of 99.500 euros in the space of 19 days, again by using crowdfunding. In exchange, investors, who now number around 30,000, were awarded the shares in the company. “Acar’Up has now earned its place in the medical and pharmaceutical world as the most effective medical means to fight dust mite allergy,” says Pierre Buffet, co-founder of Acar’Up. “Acar’Up is the result of 7 years of academic research. Its effectiveness has been clinically proven and these days it is regularly prescribed by doctors.”

The product works by using bio-mimicry: pheromones are used to attract the dust mites to a cover, where they are trapped and then eliminated in the washing machine. “This product has absolutely no side effects,” said co-founder Anne-Catherine Mailleux. “The pheromone solution sprayed onto the cover is simply irresistible to dust mites. It is believed 10-15% of both the world population and Belgian’s suffer to varying degrees from dust mite allergy, a figure that is constantly rising.”

(Source: Belga)

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