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    Gender equity in management boards: Engie leads BEL20 pack


    With eleven female against eight male members of its Board of Directors, representing a quota of 57.89% for women, the Franco-Belgian energy company Engie stands out for gender parity amongst BEL20 companies, reveal rankings established by non-financial rating agency Standard Ethics. Proximus (seven women and seven men – 50%) and Delta Lloyd (four women and six men – 40%) come second and third. At the other end of the spectrum, AB Inbev and Bekaert (14.29% of women in the Boards of Directors of each), Ackermans&VanHaaren (11.11% of women) and Colruyt (0.0% of women) perform poorly.

    “Quality and gender parity in board membership is essential for sustainable policies and good corporate governance as encouraged by the European Union and the OECD,” insists Standard Ethics whilst also comparing Belgium, France, Germany, and Italy on these criteria.

    Once again, Engie stands out, followed by Banca Mps (Italy), BNP Paribas (France) , Proximus (Belgium), and Société Générale (France); parity is reached (50%) in the Boards of Directors of each of these companies. 

    Christopher Vincent (Source: Belga)