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    Belgian garages to face the court


    Eleven drivers affected by the Volkswagen scandal have taken their cases to court in order to receive financial compensation from their garage dealers.

    The first cases will be treated next month, indicates on Tuesday “Het Laastste Nieuws”.

    D’Iteteren will appear at the commercial court on the 8th of January. “Not in the capacity of a car supplier but as a seller. The company has supplied cars to the clients via garages”, explains Herman  Van Maldeghem, the lawyer of the complainants.“ The vendors have been asked to respect the civil code and appear at the court and confront the fact that they sold cars with hidden defects, he believes.

    The lawyer office Cassier & Maldeghem has also filed criminal complaints against the car manufacturer Volkswagen. 

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)