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    The palace doesn’t like the Burger King Publicity campaign


    The Royal palace doesn’t like the new Burger King Publicity campaign, the Sudpresse papers revealed on Saturday. The first Belgian Burger King will open its doors in Antwerp next month.

    The popular Fast-food chain has asked Belgians to choose between King Philippe and the Whopper 1 – its best known burger. “Belgians, choose a King who’ll give you chips”, Burger King’s advert says. It asks internet users to vote on the page, which will be open until the 19th of June.

    The Royal palace told the Sudpresse papers that using the King’s image requires permission, and “in this precise case, no request was submitted”. “We would have refused it anyway, as Burger King is using the King’s image for strictly commercial purposes”, their spokesman said. They also told the Belga agency they would be contacting the American group soon.

    Burger King said it had not yet received a notification from the palace and says its publicity campaign was a “second degree, if not third degree” reference.

    Jason  Bennett (Source: Belga)