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    “Mobile internet coverage hugely improving in 2014“


    Mobile internet coverage from the 3 main Belgian operators has so far improved considerably this year, although the number of disrupted connexions remains high, according to the results of a study by the consumer group Test Achats published in their magazine. Proximus still offers the best coverage but its rivals Mobistar and Base have caught up by installing respectively 30% and 50% more phone masts. Proximus has also increased its number of masts.

    For 4G coverage Mobistar remains ahead, covering 53% of the country, whereas, according to Test Achats, Base covers 41% and Proximus 37%.

    Mobile networks connexions are still hugely problematic on train, 67% of Mobistar connexions being trouble-free, compared to 81% for Base and 84% for Proximus.

    Taking into account the global service offer (percentage of disrupted connexions, downloading speed, 4G coverage, etc…), Test Achats ranks Proximus first (87%), followed by Mobistar (84%) and Base (81%). Downloading speed is faster with Base (3.5Mbit/s), then Proximus and Mobistar (both at 2.2 Mbit/s). Lastly, server response time is shorter at Mobistar (56.1ms), followed by Proximus (98.5) and Base (179).

    According to Test Achats, Base offers cheaper contracts.

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